Sunday, 5 December 2010

This post is long comme un jour sans pain*

Paris is freezing, and as such, je m'habille comme un oignon (I am dressed like an onion). By which I mean I've gone for a spherical beige outfit. Not really. It's a new phrase that my language partner Estelle taught me, which describes the state of being bundled up in hundreds of layers in an attempt to alleviate the cold.


Lots of things have happened. Including the discovery of a "pinhole" function on my camera, which renders photos all nostalgic looking, regardless of the content or context. But look how pretty it makes the Sacre Coeur! I took this a couple of weeks ago.

I was walking to the Metro Station last night, and this peeked at me from between two rows of buildings. I hadn't realised it was so near. I love Montmartre.
Other events of interest...

I learnt how to make espresso at home!

Tiffany drinking said espresso in our kitchen. 

This is a sticker which says "In French, please!", stuck onto an advert whose slogan is in English. I'm inclined to agree. So many adverts have random English slogans ("Are you Ready?" "Hide yourself", "I love to Party") which is just a lazy way of making them seem edgy and interesting. 

Mint tea for five, poured from a beautiful teapot. Paris = form over function (and paying through the nose for it)

Christmas tree in front of the Notre Dame.

After-school walk around the Marais.

And this weekend I went shopping for the first time in Paris. I went to a few vintage shops and bought a bag and jumper, and then today I found some super-cheap jewellery shops. 

10 Euro vintage bag. I am very pleased with this.
                                         These were two euros!!!

*This post is as long as a day without bread. Another new French expression.