Wednesday, 2 February 2011


On Sundays I like to take my backpack, my guide to Paris, my iPod, and of course my camera to visit a quartier I haven't seen before. This week I went to Belleville.

I got off at Belleville metro and walked up Rue de Belleville, which is a steep hill. The area is very multicultural, a bit down at heel, but there was lots to see and photograph.

The blue sky tempted me out of the house.


"One must distrust words".

Close up.

Man in hat. 

Eventually I came to Belleville Park, which was nice enough. It's on a hill, so is really just a series of terraces.

Exploding blossom.

Light through bamboo.

Despite this shop being named after the two most French words in existence, it was actually a Chinese bakery. Belleville has a huge Chinese population. I bought myself two little cakes from here and went home to eat them with a cup of tea.

And last of all, a passing cat in the park.

I find solitary Sundays very relaxing.


  1. Beautiful!!! Looking forward to the next place you visit!

  2. Merci beaucoup des filles, vos comments touchent ma coeur. Tu me manques, Tulsi, je souhaite que t'était ici avec moi afin qu'on puisse découvrir la belle Paris ensemble x Bisous x

  3. What lovely photos! A friend of mine used to live there. Sounds like a wonderful way to enjoy a Sunday, à vagabonder à travers quelques jolis quartiers.