Sunday, 3 April 2011


The area where I babysit is very residential and not particularly interesting, but it does contain the beautiful Jardin de Reuilly.

This is a pretty courtyard with benches and a canopy of cherry-blossom.

So green!

Sepia-tone statue against Haussmanian architecture. 

"The recent buds relax and spread"

Two women, tricky composition. 

Using flash against these blossoms makes them seem super-imposed on the photo. I like taking photos of trees from this angle!

I then came back to Vincennes and took this photo of the town hall. 


  1. Really nice photos. What camera do you have? I'm thinking of upgrading, since my camera isn't great.

    Yes, they always say they are going "make a party", no matter how much I correct them. I quite like it though, me and my friends always use it too. Definitely a fan of Denglish, I never thought I'd find myself making so many mistakes in English! I also found it hard having non-German speaking English friends around cos I am so used to speaking Denglish. I genuinely forget that not everyone speaks German, and if I use German words in the middle of an English sentence, they don't automatically know what I'm talking about.

    I like your idea of meeting your favourite celebrity in a lift, I might steal that to use in some of my classes! Emily x

  2. oh, and in German the verb is just "Party machen" which usually just means going clubbing or partying rather than anything to do with a party. They also call club nights parties.