Sunday, 29 May 2011

Au Café

Photo copyright Sarah Graham.

Yes, this photo is pretentious, but I really like it. Sarah did a course in Street Photography à la Robert Doisneau and took this photo of Tiffany and I doing something we do at least twice a week - drinking coffee and having conversations about, you know, the purpose of literature. And the Teletubbies.  


  1. Ahh, how lovely to see you both looking so happy and relaxed. Enjoy all the time you have left in Paris.

  2. YES she is 100% correct about Bochum uni. I actually wrote an entry in Feb about how much I dislike it compared to Leeds Uni! It's massive and concrete and unfriendly.
    We're going to Corfu, Italy and Barcelona in June; not anywhere near Paris sadly, though your blog is really making me want to go again! Will deffo be asking for tips when I finally do :) Emily x